Our bilingual reception class for a smooth transition to primary school

Welcome to our website with more information about our German-English reception class at Phorms School Frankfurt.

We still have places available in the reception class in the next school year 24/25.

Our bilingual school still has places available for its integrated reception class in the next school year. Please contact our Admissions Team and let us provide you with advice: admissions.frankfurt@phorms.de

Admissions Reception
TEL +49 6171 206 02 97
Consultation hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our Reception

Our Reception is part of the German-English primary school at Phorms Taunus Campus. The premises are shared with the Phorms day care centre and the secondary school. Here we offer a community in German and English for 520 children and young adults from the age of six months to Abitur. With our own school bus, children from Frankfurt also have the opportunity to visit our beautiful school in the countryside.


The registration for our reception is easily done through our online application form. All information regarding the admissions process such as the tuition fees you may find in our admissions section.

Why a reception?

We treat every child as a precious and unique individual with special talents. We aim to identify these talents at an early age so that we can support their development effectively.

For this reason, Phorms Education offers the reception class to children who are five years of age in the last year of kindergarten before starting school. The reception is part of the primary school. Due to playful learning activities, children are allowed to experience a smooth transition from nursery through the reception to the first grade of primary school. Phorms reception pupils thus benefit from special early support.

  • structured play

  • full english immersion

  • developmentally appropriate learning

  • bridge to Grade 1

Bilingual Education right from the start

We understand language as the key to the world. The pre-school age is the perfect time to introduce children to a foreign language, as they absorb everything like a sponge.

The bilingual concept of Phorms Education is based on an early acquisition of the English language. Our German-English nursery school attaches great importance to providing a high degree of support in both languages. Therefore, the children are taught and looked after by native speakers according to the so-called immersion method, which means immersing in a language with all their senses. Our international staff use mimics and gestures to underline their words. Children learn to interact in two languages and cultures in a very natural way.

A typical day at our Reception