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    valid for the school year 2017/18

    Tuition Fees for Phorms Frankfurt Primary School

    In order to enable as many children as possible to access our educational programs, Phorms tuition fees are income-based.

    Fees are based on the gross annual income from two years before the start of school, (e.g. for the school year 2017/2018 we look at the income tax statement of 2015). The gross annual income includes all income from both legal guardians in that specific year. It is not possible to set off income against “negative income” (such as loss on rental income or leases).

    Therefore, we kindly ask all parents to submit proof of income to us on an annual basis unless they opt to pay the maximum tuition fees voluntarily (€ 975/month for primary school). The minimum tuition fee after siblings discount is €250/month. Phorms fees cover one year of schooling and are paid in twelve instalments beginning on 1st August.

    The income-based tuition fees do not include extra charges for food, school materials and field trips as well as early morning or afterschool care, school bus or holiday camps which need to be booked separately.

    Tuition Fee Calculator Phorms Frankfurt Primary School

    Please enter the annual gross income of both parents from the year before last in thousands of Euro, without any separators or commas (i.e. 40000):

    Monthly tuition: 0,00

    Siblings Discount

    As soon as two siblings visit our school, we grant a 20% discount for the second child. The third child will receive a 40% discount, the fourth child and any further siblings receive 60% discount. The minimum tuition fee after siblings discount is €250/month.

    Method of Payment

    Fees for schooling, lunch, school bus, early morning and afterschool care are payable in twelve monthly instalments.
    All fees due will be debited directly from a bank account. Payments are due in advance and will be debited on the first workday of the month.
    The bill will be sent out by e-mail.

    Tax Deductability

    30% of school fees for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools are tax deductible as extraordinary expenses. This does not include accommodation, day care or food charges for the child. Since 2008, a maximum amount of 5,000 Euros has been stipulated. This means that parents may not deduct more than 5,000 Euros per child (30% of 16,667 Euros) from their tax liability for school fees paid (§ 10 Paragraph 1 Clause 9 of German Income Tax Act, Special Expenses).

    The cost of childcare (Hort) is seen as a care expense and up to two-thirds of the amount (not exceeding €4000 per child) can be claimed as an extraordinary expense on the income tax return (§ 10 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 EStG Sonderausgaben – in the German tax law). Exempt are costs for lessons, instruction in certain skills, as well as sporting and other free-time activities. The requirement is that the child lives in the same household as the tax payer and has not reached the age of 15.

    Contributions to the Friends’ Association are also tax deductible within the context of the provision for tuition fees. 

    Phorms Education cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the above information. Parents should discuss all matters directly with their tax consultant.