Bündnis Bilinguale Bildung (Alliance for bilingual education)

Phorms Frankfurt, the Kinderzeit educational institutes and TIMS have come together to form the Bündnis Bilinguale Bildung Rhein-Main (Rhine–Main alliance for bilingual education).

Bilingual education is becoming increasingly important, a point that has been emphasised by the EU: numerous official institutions of the European Union believe that people should master two community languages at a ‘functional level’ in addition to their mother tongue. The partner organisations in the alliance have set out to accomplish this task with a professional approach that is bound to succeed.

Parents who wish their children to have a bilingual education in German and English will benefit from the Rhine–Main alliance for bilingual education. For children, the alliance makes it possible to enjoy a continuous bilingual education at school from their infancy to the year they take their final exams. The alliance partners also aim to become a beacon of quality standards in the area of bilingual learning and to maintain this position over the long term. Each of the alliance partners will support the others in their work to drive progress and to further cooperation with state authorities.


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