Field Trip Programme

We educate for the world! Here you can find our field trip programme as well as science experiments and trips.

Our science field trip programme:

Grade 1 Experimenta Museum and visit of the Windecker Biobäckerei
Grade 2 Visit of a honey farm and fire station
Grade 3 Forest excursion in Taunus or around Frankfurt
Grade 4 Planetarium Frankfurt
Grade 5 Senckenberg Museum
Grade 6 Experimenta Museum
Grade 7 Palmengarten and Mathematikum (Gießen)
Grade 8 Chemikum and Museum Anatomicum (Marburg)
Grade 9 Radioactivity Workshop (University Frankfurt)
Grade 10 Mechanics Workshop (University Frankfurt) and visit of a biochemistry lab
Grade 11 GSI (Darmstadt) and Opel Zoo
Grade 12/13 Workshops, Internships depending on LK/GK choices

Science Experiments and Trips

  • Grade 5 Practical Science – Burning Candle Experiment

  • Grade 6 Biology – Studying Birds and Amphibians

  • Grade 7 Biology – Cellular Biology

  • Grade 8 STEM – Building and programming a robot with Lego Mindstorms

  • Grade 8 Physics – Building and testing an electromagnet

  • Grade 8 Chemistry Field Trip – Chemikum in Marburg

  • Grade 9 STEM – Analysing satellite images (Earth Science)

  • Grade 9 STEM – Building and programming a weather station with Arduino

  • Grade 9 Physics Field Trip - STEM -Arduino

  • Grade 9 Physics Field Trip - GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt

  • Grade 8-11 Science Trip to Tenerife Volcanology, Astronomy