Youth safety training

Increase self-confidence and train for dangerous everyday situations: With the safety training for our students, we give them tips and tricks to better handle dangerous and conflict situations.

Making our students strong

There are some situations where young people can be overwhelmed: Mobbing, bullying in the schoolyard and violence. Therefore, we offer youth safety training, which makes our students strong for danger and conflict situations and also involves the family as well as teachers and educators.

Boost self-confidence

The focus of our training is on role-playing, which is based on dangerous everyday situations and which our students can use to practise how to strengthen their own self-confidence.

Involvement of parents and educators

In a separate parent and educator session, tips and tricks are taught to support their children in everyday life.

Training by and with experts

The methods and concepts of the training are scientifically based. The trainers have a wide range of professional experience in psychology, education, social sciences and criminology and are members of the German Child Protection Association (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund).