Professional and tertiary education focus

The transition to the next stage of education has to be carefully planned if it is to be successful.

Our careers guidance and counselling programmes offer students various ways of developing a clear understanding of the world of work and further education.

Professional focus

In the classroom and in project work students learn about business relationships and gain an insight into the national and international job markets. Right from year 5 we encourage our students to take active part in Girls' and Boys' ("Future") days. Visits to various companies give students a first impression of the world of work and different sectors. Field trips are prepared for in the classroom and then followed up afterwards.

In year 9 our students complete a three-week internship in the field and career of their choice. The mandatory social placement is carried out during years 9-11 in the form of regular social projects (e.g. visiting service, help with homework or Sprachcafe) for at least six months, either in Steinbach or in the student's home area.

Students generally organise the placement themselves, however the school can offer support if required. The placements are prepared for and followed up as a class. They conclude with a compulsory placement report.

Further education focus

Further education is an important issue from year 10. The tutors of the study groups advise the students on an individual basis and help them to make the right decision for the time after graduation, be it in the form of a voluntary social year, time abroad (work and travel), vocational training or higher education. The tutors also remain available to former students in the year after they graduate in order to offer advice. As time goes by, former students will increasingly become involved in these advisory and preparatory measures. Phorms-Schule Frankfurt is hoping that this will result in the establishment of an effective alumni network.