Our students have the opportunity to learn Spanish from Year 6 or Year 8

Many of them continue learning this language in the Upper Secondary School and some choose it as a subject in the Abitur.

In Spanish classes, our students learn to use the language in the four proficiencies: Comprehension, Writing, Reading and Speaking. Our focus is on listening comprehension and speaking skills. With modern and highly communicative textbooks and learning materials, our students begin to use the language quickly and effectively, step by step.

Our students also learn about different facets of Spain and Latin America: Food, customs, society, regional and social aspects. Literature from Spain and Latin America completes the lessons.

Number of Lessons (in Lower Secondary)

G8 G9
Year 6 5 3
Year 7 3 3
Year 8 3 3
Year 9 4 4
Year 10   3

Upper Secondary

In the Upper Secondary School, Spanish is offered as a basic and advanced course (Grund- und Leistungskurs). 
Spanish is also a subject for the Abitur.


  • Activities together with the Instituto Cervantes: exhibitions, conferences, films
  • Reading competition (intermediate level)
  • DELE diploma: internationally recognized diploma for the Spanish language 
    • Year 9: level A2/B1 escolar 
    • Upper Secondary School: level B1/B2 
  • Various workshops
    • "Un día en el zoo" (Year 6) 
    • "Conociendo mi ciudad" (Year 8) 
    • "Fair trade: el comercio justo" (Year 9) 

Study Trips

Student Exchange (Lower Secondary School; Year 8 and 9)

Trip to Galicia (Upper Secondary School)