Leadership & Administration

Dr. Astrid Simon, Head of Primary School

Astrid Simon studied Romance Languages and did her PhD in Sports Science in Cologne after receiving her degree as PE teacher. After she moved to Singapore for 5 years, she joined Phorms Frankfurt Taunus Campus in May 2012 as Sports Coordinator and Sports teacher and was promoted to the Deputy Head of Primary position in 2014. With the school year 2017/18 she has taken over the pedagogical school management as Head of Primary.

Eliis Voksepp, Deputy Head of Primary

Growing up in the Canadian French-Immersion program, while speaking Estonian and English at home, Eliis has brought her bilingual experiences to her teaching practice since joining Phorms in 2014. Her career has comprised of multiple roles; starting as Teaching Assistant and Building Substitute, becoming Class Teacher, Grade Leader, and working with our Library-, and SEN teams. These roles provided Eliis with a multitude of experiences and in-depth knowledge for providing support to the staff and students at our campus, which she has continued in her capacity as Deputy Head of Primary since the 2017-2018 school year. Eliis has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Ottawa, studying English, History and Psychology & Adolescent Development. Her passion for helping children develop their cognitive and emotional competencies continued with her pursuit of a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University.

Christina Kempf, School Assistant

Christina Kempf is a trained travel agent and worked in the corporate service of a well-known travel agency until the beginning of her parental leave. Afterwards she changed to the customer service of a leading manufacturer of scheduling systems. For the last 7 years she worked in the complaints department of a well-known tour operator. Since April 2020 she has been part of the Front Office team at Phorms Schule Frankfurt Taunus Campus. Here she is responsible for the organisation of the school office.

Ashley Marie Burks, School Assistant

After finishing secondary school, she completed an apprenticeship as a retail saleswoman at a renowned jewellery company. Inspired by the diverse world of jewellery, she then attended the drawing academy in Hanau, where she graduated as a goldsmith. Throughout her apprenticeship, she worked with children during the holiday periods. The love for children and the contact with people induced her to re-orientate herself once again. Since mid May 2020 she has been part of the Front Office team at the Phorms Schule Frankfurt Taunus Campus.