Our Bees

The second grades of Phorms Primary School in Steinbach have started a very special project: red mason bees have moved into the outdoor area of the Phorms Taunus Campus in April 2021.

Red mason bees are peace-loving and perfect for a school in the forest and field edge habitat. They belong to the wild bees that like native wildflowers in particular. The children and their parents have therefore researched exactly what the little insects will need. Flowering fruit trees, wild roses and willows are on the wild bees' menu. Only if the bees find enough food they will stay on site. The children of the second grades have therefore planted the food flowers that they brought with them. The plants were carefully removed from their pots, placed in a whole dug for them and then watered with rainwater. The little gardeners had a lot of fun and in the end, everyone could admire how beautiful the beds now look. Shortly after, a planted willow already opened its first catkins and waited eagerly for its first bee.

Finally, they are here!

After some concern about the package, the red mason bee cocoons then arrived at the outdoor facility of our campus. For the bees to get to know their new home right away, they were quickly settled into the hatching chamber. From here, they will discover the garden. The little insects are in a hurry to finally see the light of day. Hopefully, when the red mason bees fly out in search of flowers for their food, they will always come back and, when the time comes, lay their eggs in the nesting block again. Our children can then observe the development of the wild bees in specially provided observation drawers. We very much hope to have provided a nice home for the peace-loving, mostly stingless insects, so that they will keep coming back and we can spend many years side by side. We look forward to busy buzzing and humming of our wild bees in our little garden paradise.

A big thank you to our second grade parents, our teaching staff, and everyone else who makes this wild bee project possible for our kids!