Our principles: The underlying Phorms concept and the curriculum

At PhorMinis on the Taunus Campus in Steinbach, pedagogical work is based on a combination of the principles of the Phorms concept and the state of Hesse’s Education and Development Plan (BEP).

The Hesse Education and Development Plan applies to children from birth through to the end of primary school and forms the foundation of the work carried out by public pedagogical institutions throughout the state.

As a private pedagogical body, Phorms Education also has a concept of its own, which defines the teaching work as well as the conduct of those in educational and developmental professions. For us this forms the foundation of a comprehensive education and development programme.

In their execution, both concepts make reference to various developmental areas while acknowledging, supporting and encouraging children in all their diversity. Both the Phorms concept and the BEP contain six areas, or six key pillars of education and development. These areas either overlap to a certain extent or complement each other very well. Applied in combination and integrated into the regular educational routine, they result in a wonderfully stable and motivational learning environment for all concerned. They give teaching professionals and children alike the necessary space to perceive education as motivation and to work towards it together in their everyday lives.