Animals & Nature

Numerous studies have shown that spending time amid natural surroundings has a positive influence on childhood development. And that’s exactly what we offer.

The natural setting of our Phorms Taunus Campus in Steinbach means we can conduct spontaneous forest and field walks, for example, or visit nearby farms. This allows us to gain first-hand experience of animals and changes in nature and incorporate them into our day-to-day teaching.

There is so much to discover about animals and plants; so many experiences and sensations await us. We teach children to recognise animal tracks, locate mushrooms, understand marks on trees and find hidden animal homes. Coming into contact with a diverse range of materials (wood, earth, leaves, pine cones, moss, bark, etc.) encourages tactile perception as well as dexterity.

Moreover, the natural surroundings, including the nearby forest, offer our children virtually unlimited space for free movement. There are no restrictions on their natural urge to move – running, jumping, hopping, walking, climbing and balancing. This means that the fun, the joy and the pleasure of movement are retained and encouraged in a completely natural way. The children get to know their bodies and strengths while also improving their stamina and immune systems. At PhorMinis on the Taunus Campus, Steinbach, weatherproof clothing and robust footwear are a must – we go outside in all kinds of weather to enjoy the freedom and diversity of nature.