Surrounding Area & Facilities

Our campus in Steinbach is set in the very heart of nature and provides children not only with sufficient space to play and run around. But the tranquil and rural surroundings also create the ideal atmosphere for concentrated learning.

In August 2011, we celebrated the official opening of the new building on the grounds of the former forest swimming pool in Steinbach. The building is a modern, three-storey school and accommodates a nursery, a reception, a primary school and a secondary school.

The outside facilities include a playground, a nursery playground, a basketball court and grassed areas. The school backs directly onto the Taunus Forest. The campus is further enhanced by the existing high-quality sports facilities located within the surrounding environment.

The rooms of the nursery are located on the ground floor in a protected location and separate from the school. There is a green outdoor area in front of the building for the exclusive use of the nursery. We are very proud to be currently developing our own library.