What makes our campus special

Our bilingual private school is a place of learning and a living community where

  •     teaching, learning and education are successful with the trustful cooperation of parents;
  •     there is a diverse range of options for personal development;
  •     lively encounters with the diverse school community are made possible
  •     and students can develop a sense of values.

One School – Two Locations

The Phorms School Frankfurt is both urban and close to nature. The Phorms Frankfurt City Campus is located in a charming building in the heart of the city, very close to the Holzhausenpark. The Taunus Campus location is nestled between the fields of Steinbach in the Taunus, right next to the forest. Here are the Nursery, the Primary and Secondary School located. With our own school bus, children from Frankfurt also have the opportunity to visit our beautiful school in the countryside. In addition, the Taunus Campus is well connected to public transport.

We hire the spacious sports facilities from the local community. The strong commitment of our young faculty defines everyday life at school and our style of teaching. Our teachers come from Germany and English-speaking countries. They help students to transform information into knowledge and to engage critically with everything they learn.

Please find below a TV documentary by Rhein-Main TV about us

What we offer

On your virtual tour through our website, you will find details about our campus

  • bilingual learning: in this area, the school receives specialist advice and support from a team of professors at Freiburg University of Education
  • differentiated learning: made possible through the use of teaching assistants and special needs teachers
  • learning and teaching in the final years of the secondary school
  • extracurricular activities: including school trips, presentations and projects
  • our diverse range of afternoon working groups: we provide a total of around 75 courses at our two locations
  • our interesting holiday programme: every year we offer holiday camps for eight out of twelve weeks of school holidays.

Joy of Learning

Everyone in our school community has at least one thing in common: an interest in good education, which is also shared by families who entrust us with their children. In addition, means-tested school fees reflect the social diversity in our school community.

Our mission is to ensure that all the challenges presented to students by the concept of the bilingual school kindle a passion for learning. However, children and teenagers should also see that learning can and sometimes may be a stressful experience. They should know that our teachers are there to support them in times of weakness or failure. As a result, young people can become self-confident and learn how to take their life into their own hands as independent adults.

We hope you enjoy exploring our school online and hope to meet you and your children in person soon.