Secondary School

Valid for school year 2022/23

Tuition Fees for Phorms Frankfurt Secondary School

We want to offer many children the opportunity to access our educational services and have decided to use the model of income-based tuition fees.

Those fees are based on the gross annual income as well as any wage replacement benefits of the legal guardians from two years before start of school (e.g. for the school year 22/23 we look at the income tax statement of 2020). It is not possible to set off income against “negative income” (such as loss on rental income or leases).

Therefore, we kindly ask to submit your income statement from the calendar year before last each year - unless you wish to voluntarily pay the highest tuition fee of € 1.135 (Bilingual Experts) or € 962 (Bilingual Starters). The Phorms tuition fee is an annual contribution divided into twelve monthly payments. The first payment is due at the beginning of the school year on August 1th.