Valid from nursery year 2023/24

In order to enable as many children as possible to access our educational programs, Phorms tuition fees for kindergarten and school are income-based.

Fees are calculated on the gross annual income from two years before the start of nursery (e.g. for the nursery year 2023/24 we take into consideration the income tax statement of 2021). The gross annual income includes all income from both legal guardians in that specific year. It is not possible to set off income against “negative income” (such as loss on rental income or leases).

The fees for crèche are not income-based.

Monthly Fee
Tuition FeeCrèche (0-3 years) 799 Euro
Kindergarten (3-5 years)
Gross Annual income below 50.000 Euro599 Euro
Gross Annual income 50.000 to 150.000 Euro635 Euro
Gross Annual income above 150.000 Euro683 Euro
Meal Costs(Drinks, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack)111,50 Euro
One-off Fees
Administration Fee* 1.500 Euro

*The school’s administration fee will be lowered to a single monthly tuition instead of 2.5 times the monthly tuition should the child join our primary school, based on the condition that the PhorMinis care contract is adhered to by the legal guardians until the 31st July of that same year.


Unfortunately, we cannot grant any siblings discount for our day care centre.