Secondary School

There are four steps from online registration to the day care contract.
Bilingual Experts

Basic requirements for admission to our secondary school for Bilingual Experts:

  • Good German and English skills. 5th grade comparable to B1 level / If your child doesn`t have a sufficient level of proficiency in the second language, we may ask you to organise additional German or English classes outside the school or to support your child with additional language classes in the month before the start of the school year.
  • A secondary school recommendation from the primary school.

Language level German:

  • up to grade 5/6: B1 Level
  • up to grade 7/8: B2 Level
  • up to grade 9: B2.2 ideally C1 Level
  • from grade 10: C1 Level (C1 Level is required for promotion to the advanced level)