Primary School | Phorms Frankfurt Taunus

    There are four steps from online registration to the day care contract.


    1. Online Registration

    As a first step, parents need to register their child by filling in the non-binding online application form.
    Once you have registered your child we will contact you on a regular basis. We will send you our magazine ‘Bildungsthemen’,
    invite you to Open Days or other events. The year before you wish your child to join us, we will contact you automatically once we start the admission process.

    2. Submission of Documents

    The admission process begins in Autumn before your child’s planned entry in our school. You will be contacted via e-mail and asked to submit the necessary documents: a school questionnaire, an income assessment form and a kindergarten questionnaire.

    3. Entrance Test

    Once we have received all documents we will invite your child to an entrance test together with a small group of children. The objective of the entrance test is to gain an impression of whether your child’s development is in line with his/her age.
    During the test parents will have the opportunity to tour the school and to discuss open questions. Entrance tests for Grade 1 start in December prior to the planned entry. Tests for Reception Class will begin by the end of January.

    4. School Contract

    After the entrance test we offer a place to selected children who passed the test and send out the school contract for our primary school. Refusals will be sent out in writing and without a reason for our decision due to time constraints.
    School starts on the same day as any public school in Hesse.