Primary School

There are five steps from online registration to the day care contract.


1. Online Registration

First, please fill out our non-binding registration form online. You will then receive an automatic confirmation via e-mail.

2. Submission of Documents

We will contact you via e-mail approximately one year before the scheduled start of school to ask you to submit the documents we need.

3. Admission Test

After receiving the complete documents, we will invite your child to our Phorms admission test. With this test, we would like to get a first impression of the age-appropriate development of your child.

4. Availability

If the admission test has been passed successfully and our pedagogues are in favour of admission, we will send you an offer of a place by e-mail.

5. School contract

After acceptance of the place offer, you will receive the school contract by e-mail. Now, you have two weeks to return the signed contract.