Admissions Team

Thank you for your interest in Phorms Frankfurt Taunus Campus!

We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding registration for nursery, reception, primary school and secondary school. We look forward to hearing from you!

Isabell de Almeida

Admissions Counsellor – Primary & Secondary School

Isabell de Almeida is a Foreign Language Assistant and a trained hotel expert. After a 6-month stay in Spain she worked in the event management for various upscale hotels and in the customer service for a leading schedule manufacturer. Isabell de Almeida joined Phorms Frankfurt in 2016 as Front Office Manager at the Phorms Frankfurt Taunus Campus. Since September 2017 she is part of the Admission Team where consulting parents, the allocation of school places as well as the financial documentation process belong to her responsibilities.

Anke Grau

Admissions Coordinator – Primary & Secondary School

Anke Grau trained as Travel Agent with a renowned tourism company and was certified as a trainer for the travel industry. She worked as an instructor and tourism manager until she had her two children. In the past 5 years she has held a position in the customer service department of one of the leading personal organiser manufacturers. Since becoming part of the Admissions Team of Phorms Schule Frankfurt Taunus Campus in 2016, she has been responsible for advising to allocation of school places, as well as coordinating the admissions and financial documentation processes. 

Tina Janik 

Admissions Coordinator – Primary & Secondary School

Tina Janik is originally from Berlin. After a commercial education she worked in various international companies. In addition she spent some time in Israel and a few years in Heidelberg before she moved to Frankfurt. Since 2011 she is first contact within the Admissions team of the Phorms School Frankfurt City Campus. She consults interested parents and is responsible for the allocation of school places.

Annette Ritter-Hendlinger

Admissions Coordinator – Nursery

With her Masters Degree in Translation Annette Ritter-Hendlinger worked for different international export companies, e.g. in Paris and Brussels. During maternity leave she was in charge of Parent-Toddler-Playgroups. After that she was responsible for the Office of a Non-Governmental Organization and supported the sales office of a Business School. Since June 2013 Annette Ritter-Hendlinger has been working for Phorms.


T: +49 6171 - 206 02 78
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Primary & Secondary School
TEL +49 6171 206 02 97
FAX +49 6171 206 02 96

Consultation hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

During certain hours we have a large amount of incoming calls. Should you not be able to reach us by phone, please be so kind as to send us an e-mail to the above address.