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How can my child change to Phorms bilingual secondary school?

Your child has been attending another school until now and you are still unsure whether a change to our school could be too much for your child? You are still unsure if a change to Phorms could be too much for your child? Get to know us personally - find out more about our Phorms concept, the possibility to grow into bilingual learning and the easy transition into our school.

Starting at our secondary school

Due to our proven concept we can offer all children the opportunity to start at our bilingual secondary school.

For children with good English language skills
STEM-subjects in English
Full-day: Increased teaching in the main subjects, in-depth exercises

Tuition fees calculator for Bilingual Experts.

Fit for secondary school graduation through modern equipment, promotion of creativity and native-speaking teachers

  • STEM-Focus

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - STEM has future! Our students have access to very well-equipped labs. We offer computer science courses as early as 5th grade. Furthermore, we enable students to participate in a Science Club and in our Math / NaWi Olympiad.

  • Promoting Creativity

    Our varied all-day concept and large range of advanced courses includes, among other things, the elective subject of media design as well as courses and clubs such as Lego League, Coding and Robotic.

  • Native-speaking Pedagogues

    Our bilingual school gives children important cognitive and professional advantages for life. It is important to us to work with native-speaking pedagogues. In addition to English, we also offer other languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, etc. Furthermore, our students have the opportunity to participate in student exchanges to the USA and Spain.

  • Leadership part in the curriculum

    Our students acquire social and personal leadership skills so that they can act as positive role models in their professional and private lives, as well as society in general!


... Phorms makes the difference.

Can my child transfer from a public school to you at any time?

Yes, we teach according to the Hessen framework curriculum, so that a change in one or the other direction is possible at any time, depending on language skills.

How many students are in each class?

Our guideline is 24 children in secondary school. 

Will my child be able to keep up in a bilingual school?

The change from a state elementary school to our bilingual secondary school is quite simple. Many years of experience at various internationally oriented schools show that children's language competence usually develops very quickly when English and German are both learning and conversational languages. Students who are exposed to such a language bath often succeed in catching up with their classmates within a few months and achieve very good results, provided they are motivated to do so.

Which foreign languages are taught?

Besides English, we also offer other languages, such as Spanish, French, Chinese and others.

Which degrees are offered?

We are a state-approved school and therefore offer the secondary school graduation as the highest school qualification.

Can children with special needs also be admitted?

Our concept provides a very individualized attention to our school children. Please contact our team for a more detailed consultation about the optimal needs of your child.

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... about admission.

How does the application process work?

Please visit the link for more information about our admissions process. If the information on this page is not sufficient to answer your questions, please contact us for a personal consultation.

How much is the tuition fee?

The monthly contributions are based on the annual gross income of both legal guardians. The exact contributions can be found under School Fee Regulations.

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