Private Bilingual Secondary School Phorms Frankfurt Taunus

Welcome to the private German-English secondary school of Phorms Schule Frankfurt in the Hochtaunus district.

Get to know us: Open Day

28th September 2024
11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
We kindly invite you to our open day! On this day you can get to know our bilingual private nursery, primary school with reception and secondary school at the Phorms Taunus Campus:
More Information and registration.

Fit for the world through our school education with specialised teaching, leadership as part of the curriculum and bilingualism.

The change into the 5th grade of our bilingual secondary school offers your child an ideal preparation for the international world.

Our Campus: Everyone Under One Roof

The secondary school with state-approved upper secondary school is part of the Phorms Frankfurt Taunus Campus. The premises are shared with the day care centre and the primary school with reception. This allows all students to benefit from learning together with older and younger students. Whether on foot, by bicycle, train or school bus: our beautiful school in the countryside can be reached safely by its well connected and various means of transports.

Requirements for the start

  • recommendation for Secondary School

  • attendance Trial Day / Open Day

  • Personal interview with parent(s) and child(ren)


Our goal at the secondary school is that every student who leaves with the German Abitur is fully prepared to undertake and complete challenging vocational training or tertiary studies anywhere in the world in order to pursue his or her chosen career. The Phorms bilingual secondary school in Frankfurt is conceived as a comprehensive educational institution. We provide students with optimal preparation for the style of work that we expect to see increase in the near future, when changing careers several times and surviving in international society will be regarded as a matter of course.

Bilingual Education

Every day, the students at Phorms are part of a multilingual school community. Our educators are German and English native speakers. Language acquisition is key to the Phorms concept and our bilingual primary school attaches great importance to providing a high degree of support in both German and English.

What makes us special

  • We are bilingual in German and English and value an open mindset.

  • We act as a healthy and active school and provide for the mental well-being of our learners in an all-day school environment with tailor-made pedagogical concepts.

  • We are proud of our STEM focus (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

  • We have an well-established online learning concept.

  • With two locations, we are urban yet close to nature.

Fit for future - leadership as an integral part of the curriculum

We prepare our students for secondary school graduation and life. Therefore, we make our students fit for life as personalities. Our students acquire social and personal leadership skills so that they can act as positive role models in their professional and private lives, as well as society in general!

FROM 8th GRADE: Social Leadership, Economic Leadership and Political Leadership
With increasing age, students take independent responsibility for projects
e.g. student companies, European Youth Parliament, Harvard Modell Congress Europe, sustainability projects

Young people from the 5th grade onwards are in a strong phase of developing their own identity and finding their way into the future.At Phorms, our students will learn technical skills, but also aim to develop the students' personalities. Our teaching concept makes it possible to learn and train important competencies in the areas of social skills and self-discovery in the classroom. Together with our students we are working daily on the ability to handle future challenges well.

Get to know us now by watching our video!