A classical secondary education is our educational goal and thus the guide of our hourly schedule. The range of subjects and curriculum are based on the guidelines of the Hessian Ministry of Education, with the following focus:

    Bilingual instruction

    German language teaching in subjects:

    Education and Career Counselling, German, Ethics, History and Political science.

    English-speaking classes in subjects:

    English, Geography, ICT, Mathematics and all Natural sciences.

    German or English language classes in subjects:

    Art, Music and Sports.

    Foreign languages

    Spanish, French (from grade 5/6)

    Latin (from class 8, from 2020)

    Advanced courses & electives

    Students from the 8th to the 10th grade can develop their individual interests and abilities within the scope of an elective course. Currently, our students have the choice between:

    French (Latin from 2020), STEM and General Studies.

    As Advanced courses in the qualification phase we offer:

    English, German, Politics and Economics and Mathematics.

    In co-ordination with the students, we expand the selection of the advanced and the elective courses from school year to school year.