G9 Approval

Abitur after Year 12 ("G8") or after Year 13 ("G9")

As of the 2021/22 school year, we will offer the option of completing the Abitur after Year 12 ("G8") or after Year 13 ("G9") at our campus.

A very special feature of our school is that parents only need to choose at the end of Year 5 whether their child will complete Secondary School in eight years (G8) or nine years (G9). This leaves enough time in advance to evaluate the child's individual (learning) development and decide accordingly for the 8- or 9-year Gymnasium period.

The G9 option offers the following advantages:

  • With the Abitur after thirteen years (G9), we give the children and young people at our Secondary School a longer learning period in Lower Secondary School.
  • As a result, there is a reduced learning load for students in their daily lives and a better quality of education and life.
  • With the nine-year Gymnasium period, more consideration can also be given to children's maturation, social-emotional development, hobbies and leisure activities, and academic performance.
  • In the G9 path, students choose between various electives from the 5th grade onwards and are also given special support and challenges in the subjects German, mathematics, English and science.
  • Another plus: In the G9 pathway, students are generally of age (18 years old) when they graduate from high school, making it easier for them to enter university, vocational training or study abroad.