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    G8 and bilingual focus

    As a "gebundene Ganztagsschule" (all-day school with compulsory minimum afternoon attendance), the Phorms school is a proud "G8 Gymnasium" dedicated to providing comprehensive general education. Our syllabuses adhere closely to the Hessian core curricula and are adapted to the needs of bilingual education. Reflecting the standards of international curricula, we also impart methodological skills to our students and give them an international orientation. The students' language skills in English are developed and consolidated, building upon the English they learnt by the immersion method at the primary school level.

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    Each pupil has his or her own individual interests and abilities.

    Which is why the Phorms concept is tailored to the development of the individual students: high levels of support, all-day classes, interdisciplinary team and project work and creative learning methods provide the students with an environment in which their individual talents can unfold.