Excursions & Cooperations | Phorms Frankfurt Taunus

    Our students learn Spanish as a second foreign language starting from Year 5.

    In later years we add French. For students who would like to choose We place great value on encouraging the students to learn independently and on enhancing the lessons by means of tangible experiences.

    However, teacher-centred lessons are also effective, particularly for introducing a new subject. Besides teaching key skills, we also attach great importance to conveying knowledge that can be recalled and applied in practice. Students can only be regarded as truly competent when they can actually demonstrate extensive knowledge in a subject, for example by holding a speech, for which good presentation skills are also necessary.

    Our students participate in multi-disciplinary projects that involve a variety of activities such as learning excursions, visits to a theatre or museum, interviews with experts, model making, experiments or presentations. Students often work in pairs or small groups to research a topic independently and then present it. Therefore, in addition to the application of cognitive learning processes, they also acquire social skills and assume responsibilities while learning from each other.