Safe way to Taunus Campus

Our school has a wide commuter belt within the Rhein-Main area. Accordingly, the use of different means of transportation to get to us is very diverse. We want our students to have a safe way to school.

Way to school to Taunus Campus

In order to further develop school mobility at our two locations in a targeted manner and to promote alternative forms of mobility (e.g. public transport, cycling, walking), we participated in the “Better to School” project supported by the State of Hesse in 2019/2020 and worked with experts and authorities to develop two comprehensive school mobility plans.

For all students who come to us from the immediate vicinity of Steinbach or by public transport, a school route plan is available. It shows the safest routes to school and danger spots in the immediate vicinity of our school. Please discuss with your child before starting school how to get to school safely. The foot/cycle path from the S-Bahn station Oberursel-Weißkirchen/Steinbach Bahnhof is also described here: School route map Taunus Campus (PDF)

Local public transport (ÖPNV) with own bus station

At the timetable change 20/21 the newly built bus stop "Taunus Campus" directly in front of our school was put into operation. It is served regularly by bus line 91 and three times a day by bus line 251. Both bus lines close the connection to and from the S-Bahn stop Oberursel-Weißkirchen/Steinbach Bahnhof (S-Bahn line S5).

For all further details about public transport and the exact route to your home address, please ask on the RMV website or RMV timetable information. 

The Taunus Campus is easily accessible by public transport. In order to relieve our parking lot and to enable our students to get to school on their own, there are various connections available:

Bus 91Steinbach S-Bahn – Steinbach, Taunus Campus (Phorms) and backTimetable Bus 91
Bus 251Frankfurt Nordwestzentrum – Weißkirchen U-Bahn - Steinbach S-Bahn – Steinbach, Taunus Campus (Phorms) – Kronberg and backTimetable 251


Bus line 251 runs to Frankfurt-Nordwestzentrum with connections to subway trains and in northern direction to Kronberg. 

The cities of Eschborn, Königstein, Oberursel and Bad Homburg can be reached by changing to the other bus lines 252 and 261. The bus line 261 between Bad Homburg and Königstein also serves the bus stop Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt Waldsiedlung. This bus stop is not located directly at the school and can be reached by older students in about 900m walking distance through the Steinbach Forest. Please note that this path is unfortunately not illuminated during the dark season. We recommend that several students join together to form school route communities.

Student ticket Hesse

  • In Hessen, the € 365 school year ticket is available for all students. The tickets are available at RMV sales outlets. You can find more information ► here (only in German)
  • There may be a claim for reimbursement of travel expenses. You can find more information ► here (only in German)

To the Taunus Campus by bike

The S-Bahn station Oberursel-Weißkirchen/Steinbach can also be reached from the school by bicycle in about 3 km. For an exact planning of the school way with the wheel the ► “Schülerradroutenplaner” of the working group Nahmobilität in Hessen offers itself. Here you can enter your starting point and destination and the planner shows safe school routes for cyclists. The student bike route planner is also available as an app.

Phorms school bus from Frankfurt to Steinbach

In addition to public transportation, we offer our own charter school bus that takes students directly from Frankfurt with stops at Riedberg and Oberursel-Weißkirchen to the Taunus Campus and back again after school.


We serve the following stops/times with the school bus:

The school bus is subject to a fee and must be booked separately to the school contract. We offer monthly use and in exceptional cases also single rides. All students travel unaccompanied on the school bus. The bus driver ensures that safety is maintained. The use of the school bus should be practiced for younger children first.

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Individual shuttles directly with minibus companies

We have been working together with providers for years. For your individual request please use the website of the providers:

Fahrdienst Rhein-Main:

Kleinbus Reich:

By car

We would like to reduce individual traffic by car to a minimum. For one thing, it is healthier for our students to walk or cycle to school. On the other hand, it increases their self-confidence to make the daily trip to school on their own. By reducing car traffic, we minimise both Co2 emissions and the risk of accidents caused by starting and stopping vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the school.

Those who cannot do without transport by car, please use the parents’ bus stop, which was newly installed in 2020 in the car park in front of the Altkönighalle. The car park is clearly signposted by traffic signs and is used to drop off the child in the “Kiss & Fly” procedure. Stopping in the area of the parents’ stop is permitted for up to 3 minutes. Please do not park here permanently and ensure a proper flow of traffic by behaving considerately. If you have to wait longer, you can use the parking spaces. The parking spaces in the Fitness Centre car park are designed for 15 minutes. Please follow the signs.

We expressly request that parents only use the car park directly adjacent to the school for longer appointments at the school (e.g. for meetings with parents). Also, only children from the lowest age groups (Kita) and class levels (reception and 1st class) should be brought directly to the school, as the number of parking spaces at the school is limited. It is best to get used to the parents’ stop early on and to a healthy walk on the last stage to school. With the redesign of the forest road, the footpath has been made safe as a school route.

Please do not use the parking spaces of the Tennis Park Steinbach at any time, they are private and not public. Violations will be prosecuted by the owner.